It’s no alternative, MP Mark Pawsey tells voters

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A NEW ‘alternative vote’ system would be too complicated for electors, according to Rugby’s MP Mark Pawsey.

Mr Pawsey set up a stall in Sheep Street on Saturday morning to speak to shoppers about the Alternative Vote (AV) referendum, which could change the way that people in the UK vote for MPs.

Under AV voters would rank candidates in order of preference. Anyone getting more than 50 per cent of votes in the first round in a constituency is elected as MP.

Mr Pawsey said: “It was good. We spoke to a lot of people about the referendum coming up. The system proposed is complicate and only used in three countries around the world.

“People want to know that the person with the most votes will be the winner.”

Mr Pawsey will be speaking at an open meeting at St Andrew’s Church on Tuesday, April 19 at 7.30pm.

He will be joined by Richard Robinson, the regional organiser for the Yes Campaign, which supports AV.

Rugby residents will be asked to vote for or against AV at the local elections at Rugby Town Hall on Thursday, May 5. An extra box will be added onto polling cards.