Jackets at the ready: potato van couple to marry at last

After 20 years, Adrian & Denise I have decided to get married.
After 20 years, Adrian & Denise I have decided to get married.
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IT WAS love at first bite for the couple who run the jacket potato stand in Rugby town centre.

After a 19 year engagement, Adrian Wesson, 48, and 
Denise Gough, 44, will celebrate their long-awaited wedding on 
August 10.

They met in a pub where they live in Birmingham and have been inseparable ever since.

And although some may baulk at the prospect of working with their spouse, such concerns matter little to Denise. She said: “Being together 24/7 is not a problem. People can’t believe we never argue - it’s great.”

Adrian, who proposed in Barbados, said: “We’ve actually known each other for 21 years.”

Their seven years working together have not dulled their fondness for potatoes, either - but spuds won’t be on the menu for the wedding breakfast. “We are having burgers and pork batches,” said Denise. “They are being supplied by one of my brothers.”

Denise’s family have been in the catering trade for years. Her father owned the first hot dog bar at football matches in Birmingham, and her other brother, Michael, runs Mr G’s burger van next to their pitch by the clock tower.

The husband and wife-to-be are looking forward to their big day at Birmingham Register Office. So are their three children - Georgia, 16, Jack, 14 and Joe 12. Denise said: “It’s going to be really special because Georgia is going to be a bridesmaid and it’s also her birthday.

“Jack is giving me away and Joe is going to be a page boy.”

The newlyweds are spending the first part of their honeymoon in Devon with their children before travelling abroad.