Jail for Rugby man who attacked ex with an air freshener

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A Rugby man who sprayed air freshener into his ex-
girlfriend’s mouth and headbutted her during a prolonged 
attack at her home has been jailed for ten months.

Callum McAusland, 25, of 
Ashwood Court, had pleaded guilty at Warwick Crown Court to common assault and assault causing actual bodily harm.

Prosecutor Theresa Thorp said McAusland moved in with his partner and her young children in Long Lawford after they began a relationship on Facebook. He took his three dogs with him.

The relationship quickly began to deteriorate and she felt he was ‘very controlling.’ In late April McAusland put his hands tightly around her neck following a disagreement when one of his dogs defecated on the floor

She told him she wanted the relationship to end and for him to move out – which he did not take well.

A few days later his partner was having lunch with her mother when she saw Facebook messages from McAusland, one of which simply said: “It’s hammer time.”

Realising that meant he was going to go to her home and smash it up, she rushed back and found him there. He was immediately aggressive and hit her with a broom.

And when she began crying he pushed her onto the sofa, ran at her and kneed her to the stomach.

McAusland grabbed her by the jaw and squeezed hard and headbutted her before putting his hand over her mouth, suffocating her.

But he then stopped his attack and began kissing and licking her, saying he loved her, which made his partner fear he was going to rape her.

Then she went upstairs and began packing his clothes to give to him.

As she left the bedroom she could see him spraying air freshener around – and when she went downstairs he forced the can into her mouth and sprayed it.

McAusland then left but returned later, saying he wanted the relationship to continue.

When he left for work the next day his partner called the police. They arrived shortly after he returned and found him hiding in the shed. McAusland denied the assaults.

The court heard McAusland had previous convictions for violence, including an assault on his sister for talking to a former girlfriend of his, and for sending offensive messages to an ex-partner.

Anthony Potter, defending, said that in a statement McAusland had said: “I would like to say that I am sorry. I know I will pay for what I have done with my freedom.”

Recorder Richard Bond commented: “He’s a man who reacts in a violent way when challenged by women.”

And he told McAusland: “This is the second time you have come before the courts for using violence against women. This was a sustained attack on her.

“This court is well aware that men who hit women are not well thought of in a custodial setting.”