Jewellery stolen during raid on home in Bawnmore Road

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BURGLARS have stolen a collection of gold jewellery from a home in Bilton.

The burglary, in Bawnmore Road, took place on Wednesday this week sometime between 8 and 9.10pm. As well as taking the gold jewellery the thieves also stole personal paperwork from the house.

Police are now reminding householders to property mark valuable items such as jewellery.

Warwickshire Police crime prevention advisor George Stepney said: “Property marking items, such as jewellery, will help the police to identify who property belongs to if you are burgled and items recovered at a later date.

“This is of particular importance with property such as jewellery, as these items have huge personal and religious significance for the owners. If a property marking substance, such as Smatwater, is used on the individual items of jewellery, it can be scanned by police and the rightful owner identified.

“Property marking systems use an invisible liquid which contains minute identification markers, which are unique to each batch. The owner of each batch is registered and when stolen property is recovered by the police it is scanned and these markers can then enable police to trace the rightful owners, and return the property to them.

“It also helps the police to confirm that recovered property has been stolen and can be vital in securing a conviction for a suspected burglar.”

Property marking systems, such as Smartwater (there are others brands available), can be obtained through your local Neighbourhood Watch Group.

For further information about property marking systems of other crime prevention advice please contact your local Neighbourhood Watch Group or the Warwickshire Police crime prevention unit on (01926) 415000.

Police would like to hear from anyone who was in the locality between those times, who may have seen anything suspicious. They are asked to contact the Local Investigation Team on (01926) 451111 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.