Joe proud to carry Olympic torch through Rugby

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ONE of the men carrying the torch through Rugby will be 39-year-old Joe Salmon.

The sports fanatic was nominated by colleagues at Coventry-based BT Fleet for persuading his employers to host a year-long Work Fit campaign. Joe, from Birmingham, said he was overwhelmed with the news.

He added: “I’m so proud to be doing this. It hasn’t really sunk in yet.”

A statement from his employers said: “We are nominating Joe as he has a genuine passion for fitness and for sharing the word in terms of helping and encouraging others to be fit and healthy. He is our team’s Work Fit captain and is supporting everyone to stay true to the year-long campaign.

“We believe that someone who is genuinely interested in the Olympics and sport should have a chance to be a BT Torchbearer. Joe would be so very proud to be a BT Torchbearer and we would be very proud to support him from the sidelines.”

The torch relay comes through Rugby on July 2.

Starting at Cemex at about 8.20am, the procession will travel up Lawford Road, into Corporation Street, North Street, Church Street, Whitehall Road, Hillmorton Road and Horton Crescent before pausing at The Close at Rugby School.

The torch will then travel past the Webb Ellis Statue, down Dunchurch Road to Harris School.

It will then be driven to the outskirts of Dunchurch and through the village.