JORDON BANTON: Loved ones tell court of grief

Jordon Banton
Jordon Banton

Some of those closest to murder victim Jordon Banton have told the court of their loss.

Darrell Akins, 28, of Follager Road, Rugby, and Paul Clarke, 35, of Bluebell Close, Rugby, had denied killing 23-year-old father-of-three Mr Banton. But a jury at Warwick Crown Court delivered unanimous guilty verdicts on the pair this afternoon (Monday).

Judge Richard Griffith-Jones sentenced them both to life imprisonment. Akins will serve 30 years before being considered for parole, and Clarke 25 years before being considered for parole. During the six-week trial, the jury heard that Mr Banton was shot as he sat in his Seat Leon car in Newton Road, near Rugby, on July 25 last year.

Speaking to the court before the pair were sentenced, Jordon’s mother Lianne Dicey said: “There are no words that can explain what the death of Jordon has done to me or to the family. The hurt I feel cannot be measured.

“Since the loss of Jordon I have felt so many emotions, shock, anger and great sadness.

“I miss him more than anything. I have got a big void in my life without Jordon. That void can’t be filled.”

His father Clinton Banton said: “He has been and was up to his death a son who I saw almost every day. I adored Jordon and would class him as my soulmate.

“We would do things together - we would go out together and we would laugh together.

“Jordon’s death has left me feeling like an empty shell. Jordon’s death has ruined my life and those of many around him.”

And Jordon’s partner and the mother of his children Sarah Nicholson said: “He made our lives complete and totally happy.

“What happened has destroyed me. My two oldest children are having help at school to help them deal with the loss of their father.

“I am a broken woman. Although Jordon has been depicted to be a certain way, that’s not the real Jordon. He was a family man.”

Judge Griffith-Jones remarked: “I want to say on behalf of the court that for the family of Jordon Banton, his children have been deprived of their father, and the parents of Jordon Banton have been shattered by the death of their son.

“It seems to be against nature for a parent to outlive a child in any circumstances, but in the shocking and traumatic circumstances of this case it must be even harder to bear.”

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