Jordon Banton’s fiancée: I’ve been fighting for six weeks

Sarah Nicholson and Jordon Banton
Sarah Nicholson and Jordon Banton

The heartbroken partner of Jordon Banton has revealed his killer played football with their son in their garden just two days before he shot the Rugby dad-of-three in the head.

Sarah Nicholson said she was ‘broken’ since her fiancée’s murder.

Jordon Banton with his partner Sarah, sons Dontai and Daiton, and stepson Ryley

Jordon Banton with his partner Sarah, sons Dontai and Daiton, and stepson Ryley

“They took Jordon’s life and they’ve taken mine too. But I won’t let it break my kids,” she said.

“I don’t think there has been justice for Jordon. This is not my way of justice. I would love to be locked in a room with the two of them for 10 minutes and see what happens.

“I do feel relieved that these people won’t be hitting the streets for 30 years but it doesn’t help us bring Jordon back.

“For six weeks I feel like I’ve been fighting for Jordon and now reality has kicked in and this is life, there’s nothing else I can do,” she said.

Sarah said their sons, Ryley, 10, Dontai, four, and Daiton, one, were lost without their father.

“Jordon was their world and they looked up to him so much. They are not the same and I don’t think they ever will be, they are lost,” she said.

“My youngest boy is doing so much now and although it makes me smile, it breaks my heart because all he used to say was daddy and he was such a daddy’s boy.”

Sarah said her eldest son had become very quiet since Jordon’s death and her middle son was angry and frustrated. They are receiving special help and support at school.

Speaking of one of her partner’s killers, Sarah said: “Akins knew Jordon and they socialised but weren’t close friends.

“He came to our kids’ parties and he even played football with my middle son in our back garden two days before killing Jordon.”

Speaking of the trial, Sarah said: “I was on edge the whole time. I had to sit and be quiet and not say or do anything during the trial.

“That was the worst part, having to listen to evidence, some that was true and some that wasn’t. But I know the truth and I know Jordon and that’s all that matters.”

She described him as the perfect partner and father.

“No one can take it away from Jordon that he lived for his children.

“He would do anything for them and for me, he would die for us,” Sarah said.

Akins was sentenced to 30 years and Clarke 25.

Sarah said: “When they get out of prison my children will be my age and I’m worried about that.

“You never know what effect this could have on children. I’ve protected them from it now but when they are older they will know everything.

“They will be grown men. I will lead them down the right path no matter what.”

Sarah said the family were devastated by the shooting.

“This has destroyed me. I just keep going for our children, they have taken his life and ruined mine.

“One thing is for sure, they won’t be taking my boys’ so I will smile and carry on,” she said.

Sarah’s mother, Anne, said family and friends were still coming to terms with what happened.

“My daughter never missed a day in court and the things she had to listen to and relive were unreal.

“She’s so strong but she will never get over it, but I know she will be strong for the children, that’s the sort of person she is and I’m so proud of her.”

Anne described Jordon as a lovely, caring and laid back person.

“He had the most lovely eyes, you were just transfixed when you looked at them,” she said.

“Jordon’s children were his life. On Sundays they used to go to the park and play together. He was a lovely dad.

“The baby may be too young to remember him properly but he points at his photo when he sees it.”

Anne runs a public house in Rugby and said the family had received a huge amount of support from the community.

“The punters say they still expect to see Jordon walk through the door even now,” she said.

“I can’t put into words how the family and the community feel about it, it is unbelievable.

“I would like to thank all friends and family for the support they have given to Sarah.

“Those two deserve every minute in prison. It doesn’t bring Jordon back but it feels like something has been done.”

Speaking of Jordon in court before Akins and Clarke were sentenced, Sarah said: “He made our lives complete and totally happy.

“What happened has destroyed me. My two oldest children are having help at school to help them deal with the loss of their father.

“I am a broken woman. Although Jordon has been depicted to be a certain way, that’s not the real Jordon. He was a family man.”