Joto Hobbies employee's modelling skills see RAF pilot given miniature version of iconic jet he flies

Staff at Joto Hobbies with the painted Typhoon.
Staff at Joto Hobbies with the painted Typhoon.

A Joto Hobbies employee’s modelling skills and interest in history have seen an RAF pilot be able to own a miniature version of the iconic craft he flies.

Staff member John Bird completed a model of a Eurofighter Typhoon jet, painting it in the same Second World War colours that the RAF painted one of its jets in 2015 to honour the 75th anniversary of the war.

The model was assembled and presented alongside a model of a Second World War Hawker Hurricane fighter aircraft.

A photo of both models was seen on Facebook and a woman in Suffolk promptly purchased both models so she can present them to the Typhoon’s pilot. Joto Hobbies said it would like to thank its customers for their support following the announcement of its closure.