Junction in Bilton is branded a blackspot

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The junction linking Bilton Road and Church Walk in Bilton has been branded unsafe by a resident who’s had her porch demolished twice in three years due to car accidents.

Anne Bond, of Church Walk, said: “Over the past five years there have been at least seven crashes where drivers heading away from the town centre have lost control of their vehicles and hit kerbs and fences.

“Our porch and front garden wall have been demolished twice. It’s a miracle that - so far - no one has been hurt or killed as this is a busy road with lots of pedestrians, runners and cyclists.”

According to Warwickshire County Council there have been two accidents involving injury within the last three years at the site.

A county council spokesman said: “While the council agrees that prevention is better than cure, with a limited budget this is simply not possible.

“We have numerous locations where there have been at least six injury accidents within the same period, and it’s essential that these locations are given priority.

“The A4071 has recently benefited from intervention, which included the junction of Bilton Road/Church Walk. This involved enhanced signing for the bends within the vicinity of the junction.”