Justice is done at last for Lindsay Hawker’s family

Lindsay Hawker
Lindsay Hawker

A BRANDON family says justice has been done after the man found guilty of raping and murdering their daughter was sentenced to life in prison.

Japanese Tatsuya Ichihashi admitted killing 22-year-old Lindsay Ann Hawker in 2007, but said her death was accidental. The victim’s father, Bill Hawker, had called for a death sentence - the maximum punishment for murder under Japanese law.

Speaking after the trial, Mr Hawker said: “We have waited along time for today.

“We have waited four and a half years to get justice for Lindsay. We have achieved that and we are very pleased.”

Miss Hawker’s family, including her sisters Lisa and Louise, travelled from Britain to be at the trial in Chiba.

Her mother Julia wiped tears from her face and nodded several times as she listened to the verdict.

Ichihashi was motionless as the verdict was delivered.

Miss Hawker’s body was found buried in a sand-filled bathtub on the balcony of Ichihashi’s flat in Ichikawa City, east of Tokyo. She had earlier given him an English lesson in a nearby cafe.

Leeds University graduate Miss Hawker travelled to Japan in October 2006.

A post-mortem showed she died of suffocation, and prosecutors said she was strangled after the rape.