Kahn can’t complain about treatment

Kahn the dog.
Kahn the dog.

Rainsbrook vets answered the call of Kahn the dog and her owner Joanne Lawrence - who were featured on our front page in August.

An accident last year left Kahn with multiple injuries after he fell off a railway bridge between Newton and Brownsover.

After suffering several broken bones she eventually left owner Joanne facing a £6,500 vets bill. Although Kahn was able to walk he was in need of hydrotherapy.

The story caught the eye of staff at Rainsbrook, who offered Joanne several hundred pounds worth of complimentary sessions for Kahn to help build up his muscles.

Owner Joanne said: “I’d like to thank Rainsbrook for their kind help.

“Thanks to the treatment, Kahn’s recovery has been sped up considerably.”