Kate and Wills set to visit agricultural show

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THIS year’s Kenilworth Show is set to receive a royal boost in the shape of an appearance from Kate and Wills – but not as you might think.

For the past ten years Napton Water Buffalo has attended the show to display its handmade burgers and ice cream along with two of its younger animals with topical names.

And this year, the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridgeshire were the only option for Roger Alsop and his family who run the farm to take along to the show, which takes place on Saturday, June 4 opposite the National Agricultural Centre (NAC) in Stoneleigh.

“In previous years we have had Posh and Becks, Richard and Judy, and Bev and Kev from a famous TV advert,” said Roger.

“But this time we could look no further than Kate and Wills as the perfect names for the 12 to 14-week-old buffalo.”

Napton Water Buffalo began in 1999 when Roger and his family bought their first 20 cows and one bull, originally from Romania.

Now, having grown to house over 250 buffalo, the farm is one of only two in the country – and its stands understandably attract a lot of attention at the Kenilworth Show.

“I had previously tried to make money out of regular milking but wanted to diversify,” added Roger.

“There was a guy milking water buffalo in Warwickshire and we bought some cows from him and now we have built up to 250.

“It is very rare to have them in the UK, they are usually associated with the Middle and Far East.

“The market is very good at the moment. We supply milk to a farm in Hampshire, called Laverstoke Park, where it is turned into mozzarella. That is how the bulk of their milk is used.

“We use the rest to produce our own ice cream and burgers which we sell at the show. It is all handmade in small quantities so if it is strawberry flavour it is made with real strawberries and no artificial flavourings.

“The Kenilworth Show is fantastic because not only is it local but it is one of the few remaining agricultural-based shows and it really helps to generate interest in what we do.

“It is a big day out and we only have members of the family on our stands as people ask a lot of questions and it is a very specialised subject so you need people who know what they are talking about to be there.

“All the kids love to see the buffalo and they are very docile creatures that love to be fussed over so they enjoy it too.”

For more information and tickets for the show log on to www.kenilworthshow.org.uk.