Keep Brinklow safe - keep nappies and wipes out of the sewers

MP Mark Pawsey has visited the Severn Trent sewage treatment works in Brinklow to see the problems caused by people flushing nappies, wipes and sanitary products down their toilets. Earlier this year, a key piece of equipment had to shut down at Brinklow because of a build-up of products such as wipes and nappies

Monday, 14th November 2016, 4:13 pm
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 3:51 pm
Mr Pawsey with Severn Trents Nicole Westcott and Malcolm Smith. NNL-161114-163321001

Mr Pawsey said:“I’m sure that most people don’t think too closely about what they put down their toilets or their sinks but it’s something that we all need to take more seriously or it can cause problems like this.”

Community relationship adviser at Severn Trent, Malcolm Smith, said: “We really need people to be careful about what they flush down their toilets and put down their sinks because our sewers are a lot smaller than most customers imagine.

“That means that putting things down toilets that can’t degrade – like wipes or nappies – can block the sewers or, in the case of Brinklow, actually cause issues for our machinery.

“We need our customers to just put the three Ps down their toilets – paper, pee and poo – and then sewers will stay clear and our treatment works will be that much more effective.”

Customers should also not pour fat, oil or grease produced by cooking down sinks as this can also lead to blockages as the hot oils cool on entry into the sewer and become solid.