Keeping Wroth Silver tradition alive at Knightlow Hill in November

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Dozens of people are expected to make their way to Knightlow Hill before sunrise on November 11 for the annual Wroth Silver Ceremony.

Dedicated ceremony-goers will make the pilgrimage in the dark for what is believed to be one of Britain’s longest running ceremonies.

It is recorded as ongoing since 1086.

The event takes place at the stone, near Ryton, every Martinmas Eve and involves wroth money being collected from the parishes of the Hundred of Knightlow by the Agent to the Duke of Buccleuch.

This is the first time that agent Rachel Gladstone-Brown will have officiated at the collection ceremony.

The ceremony involves the collection of money from 25 parishes in the Hundred of Knightlow.

Dues vary from one half pence to eleven and a half pence.

If any parish defaults there is a fine of a white bull with red nose and ears or a penalty of £1 for every penny not paid.

After the ceremony, people gather at the Queen’s Head, Bretford, for a warming hot milk and rum.

It will be the 78th consecutive year that organiser David Eadon has taken part.