Keys facts revealed from Warwickshire 2011 Census

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THE amount of people renting their home has doubled in Warwickshire, about 59,000 people are providing unpaid care and the number of single person households is on the increase.

These facts, and many others about life in Warwickshire, were revealed yesterday (Tuesday) by the Office for National Statistics from the 2011 Census - providing a valuable snapshot of Warwickshire’s population and households.

A previous data release back in the summer revealed a rise in the county’s population of nearly 8% and an increase of some 20,000 households.

This new release of data paints a more detailed picture of Warwickshire’s population. It includes information across a range of topics including ethnicity, religion, occupations, hours worked, carers and much more. Some key facts from today’s release include:

· The number of single person households now stands at 67,054. – an increase of around 14% in the 10 years since the last census in 2001. This equates to more than all the households currently in Warwick District.

· More people in Warwickshire now provide some form of unpaid care to relatives or friends – Around 59,000 people provide some unpaid care each week - an 11% rise on 2001 levels.

· The numbers of households privately renting in Warwickshire has doubled in the last 10 years.

New data collected for the first time in the 2011 Census on migration show that · Of Warwickshire residents born outside of the UK, around

48 % arrived in the last 10yrs.

· Roughly 32% of residents not born in the UK arrived here as children (0-15yrs). 67% arrived between the ages of

16-64 and less than 1% arrived after the age of 65.

Cllr Alan Farnell, leader of Warwickshire County Council, said: “The information will highlight more detailed characteristics about the county’s population than we’ve had for some years and this will be extremely helpful in planning future service delivery.”

ONS have produced in interactive tool which enables users to look at the data more closely and compare findings with those 10 years ago.

Today’s data is freely available to download from the ONS website. A further release of 2011 Census data is expected at the end of January 2013 and this will include data at much smaller geographical areas providing a more detailed picture of communities around the county.