Killer’s boasts in letter leaked to Sun

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A TEENAGER who tortured and murdered Rugby woman Gemma Hayter has bragged in leaked letters how he expects a cushy life in prison.

Joe Boyer, 18, thinks he will be given instant access to a Playstation and outings out to restaurants.

In a letter to a friend, he bragged: “Can’t wait to go to a proper jail for lifers. They sound sick (slang for good) bro, key to my door, bare s*** to do, Playstation and DVD.”

He claims a lag and an official at Glen Parva jail in Leicester, told him he will go to an easy open prison.

In the poorly written letter he boasts: “I get to go to town with a screw in normal clothes I go to mcdonalds and cinima and nandos. It sounds sick.”

Boyer, along with Chantelle Booth, 22 and her boyfriend Daniel Newstead, 20, were convicted of murdering Gemma on August 9 last year.

Co-defendants Duncan Edwards, 19, and Jessica Lynas, 19, were found guilty of manslaughter following a seven week trial at Warwick Crown Court.

Gemma, who had learning difficulties, was beaten, stabbed and suffocated before being stripped naked and left to die on an old railway line off Hillmorton Road. She was made to drink urine and suffered 55 injuries, with her nose almost severed.

All five defendants had pleaded not guilty.

The gang also denied earlier assaulting Gemma in Booth and Newstead’s flat in Old Works Court, Little Pennington Street, Rugby.

A prison source said he would be ‘sorely disappointed’ if he is expecting an easy time inside.

Boyer is in prison awaiting sentence next month.