Kilsby Grange was untouched for 50 years

Kilsby Grange
Kilsby Grange

The contents of Kilsby Grange have remained virtually untouched for 50 years...until now.

Time has stood still at the property, a large late Georgian ‘hunting box’, which is now on the market.

J P Humbert Auctioneers Ltd were instructed to clear the contents and a sale took place at the weekend.

The house - purchased by the Harrision family (of Howkins & Harrison) in 1921, has remained in the family for three generations and according to the auctioneer, is in ‘time warp’ condition.

Jonathan Humbert met one of the executors there recently.

He said: “I was amazed how time had stood still within the walls of this house.

“It was just like walking into a house in 1960s. The furniture and contents were all in position, gathering dust and clearly, the items were still in great condition although a little unloved perhaps.”

Along with a large quantity of quality antique furniture, the auctioneers discovered a large quantity of vintage hunting ephemera, a rare ‘whip rack,’ an antique tribal neck-rest, an Edwardian childs pram, military items including a beautiful ‘trench art’ shell case, vintage toys including a 1920’s child’s aeroplane, together with ceramics, glassware, prints, rugs and what amounted to three lorry loads of unreserved items.

Jonathan Humbert said: “These large, untouched clearances are becoming increasingly rare and the scale of this one is unusually large- to find a house so untouched but yet so full of quality vintage and antique items is a dream for any auctioneer.’

Kilsby Grange has recently gone on the market with Howkins & Harrison and King West guided at £550,000.