Kumon study centre helping create bright future for Rajan, 10

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A TEN year old boy is already solving algebra puzzles and simultaneous equations thanks to a Rugby study centre.

The Rugby Kumon Study Centre, located at Rugby library, opened on February 4 offering children of all ages an ability a chance to improve their maths and English skills. Rajan Chokshi has been studying the Kumon progammes since the age of five and is one the centre’s success stories.

His mother, Avani, said: “Kumon is a great programme for laying down the foundations of basic mathematic principles and makes my sons hungry for more maths every day. It becomes a way of life when commenced at an early age and helps them stay ahead in their learning process from primary to secondary schooling.”

Rajan’s instructor, Raj Chohan, added: “Rajan is a very enthusiastic and competitive student. His desire to not only be good but almost perfect is inspiring. He fully understands what he needs to do to achieve results and always wants to understand if he answers questions incorrectly.”

Rajan has recently been offered a place at Lawrence Sheriff School.

To find out more or to take advantage of a free assessment, call Raj on 01926 882015 or email rugby@kumoncentre.co.uk