Labour councillor says Rugby streetlight switch-on may be too late

Cllr Alan Webb
Cllr Alan Webb

Plans to reconsider the county council’s policy of turning off many streetlights overnight have come too late, according to a Rugby Labour councillor.

Cllr Alan Webb said: “The issue that has been of concern to Labour members since it was introduced two years ago by the Conservative administration has been the fact that they switched off the street lights during the night without any consultation with local people.

“Nor have they shown any concern about the difficulties that has caused for many people some of whom are elderly but especially for shift workers.

“They are now trying to say they have listened to people but it is a pity they didn’t listen to them and asked their views before they switched them off.

“They state that criminal incidents and road accidents have lessened since the lights were switched off. Yet again more statistics in an attempt to prove they have made the right decision.

“There has been one incident where a person died on an unlit road because a car driver failed to see him.”

Cllr Webb added that the Labour group supported many of the proposals in the budget.