Labour day of action at Rugby Station over national train problems

Labour activists at Rugby Station
Labour activists at Rugby Station

Labour Party activists were out at Rugby’s train station on Monday to highlight their party’s policies for the future of our railways.

Members of Rugby Labour Party took part in a national ‘Rail Mayhem’ campaign day on Monday.

The aim of the day was to ‘hold the Government to account for its poor handling of the railways’.

Labour campaigners gathered outside Rugby Station from 7.30am and again at 5.30pm on Monday to speak to commuters and highlight the party’s plans to run the railways as a nationalised industry, on the first working day that the East Coast Mainline was run under public ownership.

Debbie Bannigan, Rugby Labour’s parliamentary candidate, joined protesters and said:

“If the Tories’ rail mayhem were not already enough to bear, we know that Rugby’s new developments are 
bringing people to the town who will expect to commute to London, Birmingham and Coventry.

“This is adding to the burden of overcrowding that is already unacceptable in rush hours and beyond.

“With market forces determining our fares, 
we can expect them to increase in the face of this additional demand, meaning commuters pay more for the same delayed and overcrowded trains.

“Labour want to bring the railways back into public ownership so that the profits can be reinvested for the benefit of passengers, rather than the shareholders of the private rail companies.

“We also want to make travel simpler by having one integrated rail network so passengers aren’t dealing with different rail providers when booking tickets.”

Over 200 Labour events took part across the country on Monday, after leaked emails revealed that the Department for Transport was warned three years ago about the potential for commuter chaos on the railways as a result of timetable changes brought in by Govia Thameslink Railways and Northern Rail.