Landmark building’s new lease of life for Rugby’s former It’s A Gift shop

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A former Rugby Lions player and a leading property company in the town are coming together to restore a much-loved landmark building.

Businessman Oliver Taylor has bought the former It’s A Gift store in Sheep Street and is converting into offices and opening a new shop on the ground floor which will “celebrate Rugby’s rich heritage”.

Oliver, who is the managing director of SureTECH – a company specialising in adhesive tapes – has hired Rugby-based Wigley Group to undertake the purchase of the building, gain the relevant permissions and manage all the conversion and renovation work.

Former Lion Oliver said: “When I walked past It’s A Gift, and it struck me that we could move our administration staff to Rugby and not only would that give me the room to expand in Daventry without taking a new building, but also open up several business opportunities.

“And on top of that we will be restoring a well-loved landmark building and making it once again a hive of commercial activity.”

Wigley will be creating SureTECH offices on the second floor and four serviced offices on the first floor, which are being designed to attract small and start-up companies.

Oliver will then open the ground floor as a shop – and is currently finalising the concept for the business.

“All I can say is that it is an idea I have been working on for a long time now, and it is something which will favourably reflect the history and heritage of the town.”