Latest exhibition evokes memories at Rugby Art Gallery and Museum

Paul Torr,  Heather Koumi and Judy Haslam-Jones at the gallery
Paul Torr, Heather Koumi and Judy Haslam-Jones at the gallery

Take a trip down Memory Lane with the latest seasonal exhibition from the Tantalus Project at Rugby Art Gallery and Museum.

The installation called ‘Memories of......’ has been created using old and new Christmas cards, letters, postcards,envelopes and photographs.

It is being held at at Floor One over the duration of the show.

Tantalus hope that the piece will get bigger and bigger during the exhibition and will evoke a work that will remind people of non technological methods of communication in these days of texting, e-mails and phone cameras.

Devised by member Judy Haslam-Jones, Tantalus artists are pleased that a contemporary conceptual work is included in this year’s show along side the new paintings, ceramics, photographs and 3D pieces being exhibited.

Artist Pete Thornley, spokesperson for Tantalus, said: “This is our 14th ‎year of exhibiting at the gallery Floor One and Tantalus are pleased to support Rugby’s vibrant arts community and hope that other groups will contribute to the ‘Memories of.....’ installation.”

It runs until January 2 at Floor One Gallery.