Laughs to tackle legal highs

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Jokes are set to help tackle the growing use of legal highs in the latest campaign to raise awareness of their dangers.

As part of the National Citizenship Service program, a group of young people is calling for comedy to take over on Tuesday August 18.

The comedy campaign, Be The Buzz, is designed to raise awareness about the dangers of legal highs by using humour to spread a different sort of good feeling.

The idea came about after the team visited the Salvation Army’s Way Ahead Project in Leamington - a drop in service which offers support and advice for homeless people or those in need.

After staff at the centre explained that the main addiction service users suffer from was alcohol and legal highs, the campaign to boost public perception of the issues was born.

A spokesperson said: “The campaign name originated from something that the manager of the Way Ahead Project said to us.

“She said the best buzz you can get is not from getting high but from simply making a difference to someone else.

“This then influenced the idea of getting people to create their own buzz rather than using legal highs to do it for them.

“This is a very simple task which everyone can take part in, however this also links to the campaign title by making someone else smile and creating your own buzz.”

The group has now turned to social media to spread the simple idea of sharing a joke with a friend and try to make another person smile.

Follow the message on Twitter with #BeTheBuzz and get involved on Facebook to post jokes and create a chain of good feeling.