Launch of a new police force era

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THE MAN in charge of Rugby’s beat bobbies has said a new way of working will mean officers should have more time to spend tackling crime on the streets.

A new ‘policing model’ for the county began on Monday as Warwickshire Police tries to save £22 million over the next four years.

The people behind the new system say it is a “ radical change”, moving away from the existing district-based management to a new focus on local policing with countywide support.

The force say the new model will create a more visible and responsive service with more officers on duty at any one time and neighbourhood officers dedicated to solving issues.

While the 33 Safer Neighbourhood Teams remain, the structure and role of them will change.

These teams will no longer have responsibility to undertake investigations, which will now be dealt with by a specialised unit.

Inspector Paul Judson, in charge of community policing in Rugby, said: “What we’re trying to do is a bit different.

“Police officers have a lot of paperwork to do, but with the new model another team will now pick that up, leaving the teams as free as possible.

“They should be less tied down to paperwork and be more focuses about being in the community.”

As part of the new model an eight-hour shift pattern has also been introduced this week.

The new pattern costs less and means that more officers will be working at any one time.

Insp Judson said: “These are challenging times but I’ve got to have faith in the model which has been devised by my senior managers.

“It should be more efficient.”

Speaking about staff reaction to the changes, which will reduce rest-day working and overtime, Insp Judson added: “So far it’s been quite positive.

“They have said they will review it in three to six months.

“It’s early days at the moment.”