Launch of police operation to reduce motorcycle deaths

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POLICE will be patrolling the favourite routes used by motorcyclists as they travel through Warwickshire this summer in the hope of reducing the numbers of people killed or seriously injured.

Inspector Robin Clifton from Warwickshire Police said: “Although motorcyclists only make up one to two per cent of traffic, they account for 18 per cent of all fatal or seriously injured road casualties.

“Between 2006 and 2010, 29 motorcyclists died on Warwickshire’s roads and we want to work with motorcyclists and young people to reduce this number.

“We have done much work on why motorcyclists are more vulnerable than other road users and speed is an issue. Motorcyclists can also learn how to stay safer on the roads by attending professional Bikesafe training sessions.

“We have also looked at the locations where people have died and identified that fatal collisions are more likely to occur on popular fast single carriageway roads that have plenty of bends and junctions. The Fosseway is a typical example. People have also died as a result of collisions at bike meeting points and on other high risk roads.”

To raise awareness among the biking community, officers will be travelling to meet bikers on Tuesday evenings at Bassett’s Pole in North Warwickshire, Wednesday evening bike meetings at the Waterman Pub, Hatton near Warwick and the Waterside in Stratford upon Avon.

As well as encouraging bikers to improve their driving skills, officers will be using a variety of methods to catch speeding or dangerous motorists.

This will include using unmarked bikes to detect anyone driving too fast and potentially putting other road users at risk.

They will be using speed detection equipment both openly and covertly. The force will also be using both marked and unmarked police cars and motorbikes to gather evidence of speeding by using video recording equipment.

Marked police cars will be used as a visible deterrent and officers will be using their local knowledge to ensure unpredictable deployments to maximise the impact of policing along the identified areas.

Neil Colledge, BikeSafe Coordinator, said: “We will also be going out to shows and this year are hosting the annual Bikesafe show at Gaydon on Sunday, September 4 to raise awareness of speeding issues and talk to the public about the work we are doing. If you are into motorbikes, please put this date in your diary.”

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