Lawrence Sheriff students get top tips on managing their money

Ed Flack from WizeUp with Lawrence Sheriff School pupils
Ed Flack from WizeUp with Lawrence Sheriff School pupils

Pupils at Lawrence Sheriff School designed the money systems of the future during financial education lessons sponsored by Hinckley & Rugby Building Society.

As part of a Business, Finance and Careers Day for Year 8 boys, the not-for-profit group of financial education experts at WizeUp organised four sessions exploring the past, present and future of money.

A total of 116 pupils aged 12 and 13 were given a whistle stop tour of money, from bartering to coins, notes and modern bank accounts. They were then challenged to design a payment system of the future.

WizeUp’s Ed Flack said: “Full credit to the school and to the boys for being so enthusiastic and welcoming. We hit the ground running and the pace kept up all day. They asked great questions at what felt like a rate of one per minute and simply didn’t stop asking.”

Laura Kisby, the school’s head of careers, enterprise and work experience, said: “Our Year 8 pupils are having a fortnightly lesson on personal finance so this fitted in perfectly. It’s the first time WizeUp has been to the school and we were very impressed with the content and the rapport Ed established with the boys, which led to very good discussions.

“Our thanks to Ed, to WizeUp and to Hinckley & Rugby for its sponsorship. It was an excellent addition, enabling us to make it a whole day focused on these important topics.”

Hinckley & Rugby Building Society chief executive, Chris White, said: “Young people can benefit from insights into how to manage money. We are glad we could support WizeUp in bringing such knowledge to the boys at Lawrence Sheriff School.”