Leader of Rugby Borough Council’s ‘regret’ at fine given by police for driving with no insurance

Craig Humphrey
Craig Humphrey

THE leader of Rugby Borough Council had spoken of his “deep regret” after he was caught driving without insurance earlier this year.

Following rumours in current affairs magazine Private Eye, Conservative group leader Cllr Craig Humphrey released a statement this week explaining that a change of a address last year led to his insurance company sending a vital notification to the wrong address.

He said: “I renewed my vehicle insurance when it became due last October. I moved house at Christmas and lost my mother on New Years Day which coincided with a problem with a direct debit payment which my insurer notified me of early this year. However, this notification was sent to my previous address and I missed it.

“There was, therefore, a short period when my insurance was not valid, although I was unaware of this at the time. My policy was brought up-to-date on the day I found out that my cover was not in place.”

“I deeply regret that this happened. I believe that society can only operate effectively by observing the law. I have therefore accepted the resultant penalty from the police.”

Warwickshire Police refused to confirm whether Cllr Humphrey was caught driving without insurance, and said that since it was a non indictable offence, there was no reason for his name to be published.

Cllr Humphrey added: “The police have been clear that the offence I committed is not an indictable offence. While I am of course responsible for my actions, I am comfortable with both the way I have dealt with this issue and with my position as leader of Rugby Borough Council.”

In last week’s Private Eye, its Rotten Boroughs section said the magazine had tried to contact Cllr Humphrey over the allegations, but Cllr Humphrey said he was on holiday during this time.