Leamington Assembly to host Skid Row

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New Jersey heavy metal band Skid Row will be at the Leamington Assembly on April 12 in support of their forthcoming album United World Rebellion.

The shows, which will mark the band’s first dates in the UK in several years, features founding members Rachel Bolan, Scotti Hill and Snake Sabo along with vocalist Johnny Solinger (with the band since 1999) and drummer Rob Hammersmith.

The show promises all the signature songs that fans love, including Youth Gone Wild, Slave To The Grind, 18 and Life, along with tracks from new album. Support for the tour is I AM I (featuring ex-Dragonforce vocalist ZP Theart) and rising Welsh rockers Buffalo Summer. The band hit the big time in the late 80s after Jon Bon Jovi, a long term friend of Snake Sobo, honoured an agreement that if ether of the pair made it in the music business, one would help the other out, by helping them get signed to a major record lable.