LETTER OF THE DAY: Amnesty International's '˜Write for Rights' event

Once again Amnesty International have organised their Write for Rights campaign where anyone can write in support of any of ten people and groups suffering human rights abuses.

Sunday, 3rd December 2017, 11:39 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 2:51 am
Azza Soliman, lawyer, Head of the Centre for Egyptian Women's Legal Aid and co-ordinator of the Feminist Coalition

Across the world from Mexico, Turkey, Sudan, Russia,Cambodia, Poland, to Kazakhstan, journalists are being murdered and imprisoned.

The Istanbul 10 are human rights defenders who have tried to defend the human rights of journalists, activists, and dissenting voices and are now themselves in prison awaiting trial.

In Sudan, Dr Mudawi Ibrahim Adam, an engineering professor, was imprisoned for most of this year for exposing human rights violations.

Although he has been released he is still under surveillance and in danger.

Ni Yulan, a housing activist in China, was imprisoned for defending Beijing residents against forced eviction.

She suffers continual harassment after her release.

Azza Soliman, a women’s rights lawyer in Egypt faces imprisonment on three trumped-up charges.

Esmail Abdi, a trade unionist in Iran, organised peaceful protests and was sentenced to six years imprisonment for national security offences.

He was released on bail but can be recalled at any time.

To take part in the campaign go to amnesty.org.uk/write or phone 01788545553 for booklet WFR030.

The campaign runs until December 31.

Human Rights Day is on Sunday, December 10 and a Write for Rights event is being held at 63, Osborne Road, Southsea. Coffee from 7pm-9 pm.

J Cary

Portsmouth Amnesty International Group

Essex Road,Southsea