Life is much lighter for Dunchurch mum Lisa after big weight loss

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A DUNCHURCH mum has transformed her image and health after shedding six and a half stone and shrinking from a size 22 to a 12.

The severe asthma Lisa Henden developed as a teenager left her in a vicious circle of needing steroids to treat it which bulked her up and made her hungry so she ate too much - with the extra weight making the condition worse.

Lisa said: “My daughters Kaitlyn and Isabelle are just seven and nine but from three years old they’d got used to setting up my nebuliser units when I was too sick to do so and putting the drugs in the chamber, which is something little children shouldn’t have to do.

“They’ve seen me being carted off in an ambulance to hospital too many times – but since losing six and a half stone that hasn’t happened.

“I haven’t been in hospital in a year. I’m off almost all my medication now and just carry an emergency inhaler.”

Lisa’s says her transformation is thanks to the LighterLife Weight Loss Management programme and attending counsellor Emily Williams’ classes. Lisa was 16st 12lbs when she started in September last year.

The 37-year-old, who is married to Paul and is head of maths at a school in Coventry, said: “I’m an easy size 12 now, sometimes a 10 depending on the shop. The girls think it’s great - on holiday this year we were in Egypt and I could actually run and jump in the pool with them.

“We went on a snorkelling trip and even went on a camel ride which I would never have done before.

“They think it’s great because it wasn’t just Daddy doing things with them - it was all four of us.”

Lisa added: “Just watching the weight come off each week was tremendous.”