Life-saving equipment for Yelvertoft

Liz before the shave.
Liz before the shave.

The landlady of a Yelvertoft pub said goodbye to her hair to raise money for a life-saving defibrillator after her father had a heart attack.

Liz Noakes, who runs the Knightly Arms, called an ambulance after Richard Wilkinson fell to the floor in the pub.

Liz after the shave.

Liz after the shave.

Paramedics who attended him told him that his heart had actually stopped, but the physical jolt when he hit the ground had restarted it.

Liz said there was no help available in Yelvertoft for such an emergency, despite NHS and Government awareness-raising campaigns.

This prompted her and her husband Rob to start a community fundraising project to provide the village with a defibrillator.

She raised £1,400 in sponsorship after having all her hair shaved off.

Other fundraising events took place in Yelvertoft to help each the £2,000 target.

The equipment is now on its way and will install the defibrillator outside the pub.

A number of people living in the village will be trained to operate it as an emergency life-saving facility.

Barb Barber, who helped raise money, said: “We would like to say a heartfelt (literally) thanks to the many, many people who have supported this enterprise, which means that all our community will be able to feel safer.

“There will be a defibrillator launch ceremony at the Knightley early in the autumn, when the installation and training is complete.”