Little Danny needs your help... please!

Danny Prothero NNL-160504-202915001
Danny Prothero NNL-160504-202915001

A mum is appealing for help in a race against time to get a special piece of equipment to help her youngest child.

Seven-months-old Danny Prothero has suffered with plagiocephaly, more commonly known as flat head syndrome, since he was three months.

The family, from Princethorpe, took advice on the best ways to help him, including buying a specially designed pillow and checking he was lying on the best side to help him. But rather than see things improve as he has got older, mum Hayley and dad James have seen his condition deteriorate.

And that’s where time becomes crucial. He’s young enough for a specially-designed helmet to help correct things but the older he gets the more difficult it will be to make a difference.

The family said the type of helmet they want Danny to have is no longer available on the NHS so they are appealing for help to raise the £2,500 they need to get one privately.

At the heart of the family’s fundraising effort is an online page where people can make donations and there has already been a great response to the family’s appeal for help.

At the time of writing, more than £1,000 has been raised in nine days towards the target of £2,500.

On the page Hayley explains how important it is to be able to act soon: “I am a mother of three beautiful boys. My youngest has just turned seven months old.

“Due to his age, we are quickly running out of time to correct his bone posture.

“I am trying to raise money so he can get a specially made helmet to re-shape his head before his bones set and it is too late.

“These helmets used to be offered by the NHS, but due to cutbacks are now only available through the private sector. Every penny raised will be gratefully received and will ensure a much happier future for my baby boy.”

And she told the Advertiser: “This not just us being vain and wanting a beautiful baby, he’s got flat head syndrome seriously and it’s not going to correct itself.

“By the time babies are over 14 months the only treatment they can have is surgery.”

If you would like to help Danny, you can find the fundraising page at: