Liz back in training after heart attack

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A Rugby woman who had a shock heart attack is back in training and feeling lucky to be alive.

Liz McKay, 47, was told by doctors that her fitness level saved her life after suffering a heart attack in September last year.

Liz was at home when she started to feel short of breath, was slurring her words and had sharp pains across her chest.

She was rushed from her home in Rokeby Street to University Hospital where she underwent surgery.

Liz said: “The doctors said it was my fitness that saved me. I walk everywhere and do two classes a week with Military Fitness Circuits.”

Liz has made a speedy recovery and she is now back at her exercise classes.

She said: “I would encourage everyone to keep fit. It won’t prevent you from getting a heart attack, but I’m living proof that being fit will help you overcome it.”