A local Lottery supporting good causes in and around Rugby could launch early in 2019

A Rugby community lottery that could raise £31,200 annually for voluntary and community groups looks set to be launched in April 2019.

Sunday, 21st October 2018, 6:15 am
Rugby Borough Council would be running the lottery

In December 2017 Rugby council approved a proposal to carry out works to consider the business case for a community lottery in the borough.

A case for the lottery was presented during a council committee meeting in July.

Councillors heard that 33 councils across the country had either set-up or were in the process of setting up lottery schemes in the past three years – with all but one being run by Oxford-based firm Gatherwell.

Tickets would cost £1 with 60 per cent of that going to good causes while 20 per cent goes towards the prize fund.

Players would be able to specify a good cause for the majority of the charity cash from their ticket to go to.

If 1,000 tickets were sold each week it would see £31,200 raised for those voluntary and community groups. Councillors agreed that further information was needed.

And at a committee meeting on Monday, October 15, councillors agreed to allow for the project to progress to its next stage – its potential launch from April 1, 2019.

Local authorities which have launched community lotteries include nearby Daventry – which has been running the scheme for three months.

It has so far generated £5,000, and is expected to raise £22,500 for good causes this year.

A report previously seen by Rugby council states the start-up costs for Rugby’s lottery would be £8,000 – consisting of £5,000 for a gambling licence and Lotteries Council membership fee for the first year as well as £3,000 minimum for marketing to launch the scheme.

The cabinet report then further estimated ongoing annual costs to be £10,000.