London Midland extends free rail travel offer

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Commuters are being offered an extension to claim free travel on London Midland trains.

Passenger who have not yet claimed their 5 days’ free travel are being given an extra month to apply, thanks to an offer by London Midland to extend the closing date from the end of March until the end of April.

The free travel is being offered as part of a package of benefits proposed by the company following a period of poor performance in late 2012.

Almost 1,000 trains were cancelled or delayed due to driver shortages between October and the end of the year.

The government then told the firm to compensate passengers.

Any person who held a season ticket for travel on London Midland services for at least 28 days between 10 September and 8 December 2012 can apply.

“Thousands of people have already applied, but we don’t want anyone to miss out”, commented David Whitley, London Midland’s Head of Marketing. “We all lead busy lives and it’s easy for things to get forgotten.”

In addition to the extended closing date, London Midland will be making announcements on trains and at stations, reminding passengers to apply for their tickets.