Long Lawford man’s driving ban after anger on motorway

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motorist who lost his cool 
after a passenger in another vehicle gesticulated at him has been banned from driving and given a suspended prison sentence.

He threw a torch through the open window of a car alongside - while travelling at between 60 and 70mph on a motorway - and it hit a passenger, a court heard.

Brendan Murphy, 28, of Weaver Drive, Long Lawford, pleaded guilty last Thursday to driving a Honda dangerously on the M6 at Junction 3a in north Warwickshire on August 10 en route to his honeymoon.

Prosecutor Colin Heald told the court the Honda was on the M40 close to the M6 junction. Another car was travelling in the same direction.

Mr Heald said: “The defendant is alleged to have cut in front of that vehicle and caused it to brake.”

A woman in that car made an obscene gesture - which “annoyed the defendant”.

He picked up a 1ft-long torch from inside his car and threw it at the car in which she was a passenger, Mr Heald said. It went through the open window and hit the woman.

“Luckily the injury was only a swollen eyebrow and pain and discomfort,” added Mr Heald.

“He said he had married only the day before and he was driving to his honeymoon.”

Mitigating for Murphy, solicitor Catherine Brockway told Nuneaton magistrates: “He absolutely denies it was a deliberate throw. Quite clearly the torch left his hand but as a result of what he was doing, waving it, it went through the window of the other vehicle.

Miss Brockway described her client as “a man who never loses his temper” and added: “I know that Mr Murphy is very deeply ashamed.

Presiding magistrate Stuart Lees told Murphy: “Custody is the only suitable option.”