LOOKING BACK extra - January 26, 2017 edition

Rugby Lions Under 10s Minis

Sunday, 29th January 2017, 7:08 am
Rugby Mini Lions Under 10s

Here’s another trip down memory lane for this group of today’s 30-somethings, who might even remember the picture being taken! They were all members of Rugby Mini Lions Under 10s, and I think this was printed in the Advertiser early in their rugby season, back in September 1989.

The names on the back of the picture (with apologies for any spelling errors as the handwriting isn’t all that easy to read) are:

(Back from left): Simon Quigley, Chris Ingram, Mathew Canale- Parola, Mayur Yadav, Shaftoe Robson, Robert Firth, Paul O’Conner, Terry Parnell, Geraint Harris, David Pentland, Stephan Hewitt, and Greg Livingstone. (Front row): Phil Reed, Chris Henson, Duncan Hynd, Ann Deery, Barry Raybold, Mike Roxborough, Neil Grubb, Gary Stocking and (missing from picture) Nathan Prestridge.