‘Love is so important’: 60 years of happiness for devoted Rugby couple

Lawford and Pearline Forbes
Lawford and Pearline Forbes

A loving couple who moved to Rugby from Jamaica in 1957 have celebrated 60 years of marriage.

Lawford and Pearline Forbes, of Craven Road, first met at the church they regularly attended in Jamaica in 1954.

Mr Forbes, 81, said: “We moved to Rugby for a better life and for a change.

“We first saw each other at our church in Jamaica and that’s where we got married so it was a very special place to us.

“The weather was great on our wedding day as you’d expect. There’s never any cold weather over there it’s hot all the time.”

Before retirement Mr Forbes worked as a conductor at Rugby station and Mrs Forbes worked at Maclaren.

The couple have four children, eight grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

Mr Forbes said: “When the children were younger we used to play all the time.

“Now they’re grown up and have families of their own so it’s lovely.”

He added: “Love is so important, if you really love each other you’ll never part.

“We love each other every day. You’ve got to mix the thick with the thin.”

The couple said it seemed strange when they first arrived in Rugby but they soon settled in and have been very happy in the town.

Mrs Forbes said they have relatives in the borough and abroad.

She added: “We go back to the West Indies every year to spend time with some of our children and grandchildren.

“We’re trying to take it easy these days.

“We spend a lot of time together and go to church regularly – it’s very important to us.

“I grew up with the church so it’s a big part of my life.”

She added: “Marriage is about give and take, and you have to learn to forgive.”

The couple will celebrated their special day with a get-together at their house with family and friends yesterday (Friday).