Lower petrol prices for Rugby motorists as Asda moves into town

Pictured is Matt Dodd ( Store Manager ) outside the new Asda petrol Station, Corporation Street, Rugby.
Pictured is Matt Dodd ( Store Manager ) outside the new Asda petrol Station, Corporation Street, Rugby.
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PETROL prices in Rugby are set to plummet after Asda opened its pumps in Corporation Street on Monday.

For decades Rugbeians have been paying more for fuel than those in neighbouring towns, with motorists having to cough up four or five pence more per litre. Asda’s national price cap means that petrol was for sale for 129.7 pence per litre on Monday, compared to Tesco and Sainsburys petrol priced at 133.9 and Murco at 134.9. Many will be hoping Asda’s competitors will be forced to drop their price to remain competitive.

Motorist Tracey Cox commended: “It won’t pay for competitors to stay much higher or they’ll lose business. Many years ago I worked for a company that owned petrol stations and we always checked three other nearby outlets and made sure our price was lower. There’s been no-one keeping prices down in Rugby in recent years, so this is very welcome.”

Higher prices in Rugby meant that someone who uses their car regularly would end up paying around £60 extra per year more on fuel. The forecourt has replaced the former BP garage.

Mark Pawsey MP added: “Many constituents have contacted me about the fact that fuel prices are often higher in Rugby than in surrounding towns.

“The news that an additional retailer supplying petrol and diesel will be coming to Rugby is to be welcomed as it will add to competition in the sector and put downward pressure on prices here. The fact that the retailer is known to take an aggressive stance in pricing makes greater the likelihood that our prices will, over time, become closer to those of our neighbours.”

Andy Peake, Petrol Trading Director added: “Asda leads the way in reducing the price at the pump. Unlike other retailers, our price cuts benefit everyone across the country, meaning that no-one filling up at Asda will be forced to play a postcode lottery.”

Petrol prices near you can be checked on independent price comparison site petrolprices.com.