Magic exhibition returns to Rugby roots

The artists with some of their work.
The artists with some of their work.

An art exhibition due to be shown last October has made the trip back to its Rugby roots.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” is the Dickens’ theme of Alchemy’s latest Floor One exhibition at Rugby Art Gallery and Museum on October 7.

The exhibition was originally intended to be shown last October, but when Floor One was closed during the preparation of the Rugby Hall of Fame, it was transferred to Hinckley.

Rugby artist Carol Wheeler said she was looking forward to the exhibition coming ‘home.’

She said: “Now it’s back in its rightful home with some of the work displayed at Hinckley plus a range of new work, together incorporating paintings, sculpture, ceramics and felting.

“One of the pieces retained from Hinckley – probably the one that drew the most interest (particularly from the children) – is a 25 tile five x five interactive display of Alchemy artists’ individual representations of best time/worst time contrasts. Visitors are invited to attempt to match best time and worst time pictures and to move the tiles round to get the most aesthetically pleasing effect.”

Running until October 1, visitors will see how Alchemy members have interpreted Dickens’ famous theme in the context of modern times.

For more information, contact (01788) 533217.