Major housing scheme by Gallagher Estates raises fears for Crick

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RESIDENTS fear a planned 135 new homes would put untold strain on their village’s infrastructure.

Gallagher Estates has earmarked land for development between Crick’s bypass and playing field, off Main Road in the village.

An outline planning application has been submitted but it only looks at the suitability of the proposed access, which is the old access road off Main Road next to the village’s playing field.

However, the supporting documents show the developers are looking at building up to 135 homes on the land. But there are already concerns there is not enough capacity in the schools, shops and doctor’s surgery

Nanda Marchant, who lives in the village, said: “I’m not opposed to progress and I wouldn’t oppose this type of thing on principle.

“But I feel that developments of large scale – more than 50 homes – really should contribute something towards our village facilities like the doctors, shop and school, which are already under pressure from the number of people.

“I also would be concerned about the impact new homes might have on the village feel of Crick. We don’t want to become a small town or a suburb.

“Crick has a lot going on run by members of the community. A concern would be that new people wouldn’t get involved in helping organise these things as well.”

Another villager, who lives near the site, said: “We’re not so concerned about the homes going on that site, but if they do get built it’ll put even more pressure on village amenities.

“Already the school is full and the doctor is always busy. There would also be lots more cars as well, all coming out onto the same road.

“But I get the feeling it’ll go ahead because Daventry District Council sees Crick as a place to dump warehouses and homes.”

A public meeting has already been held in the village by the developer, and Crick Parish Council will examine the application in the near future.

No date has yet been set for Daventry District Council to make a final decision.