Making Rugby roads safer: a list of potential improvements

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HUNDREDS of thousands of pounds is set to be spent on making roads in and around Rugby safer.

Warwickshire County Council have set aside £350,000 for casualty reduction schemes at places where road accidents are more common. A list of potential has been recommended by the council’s Rugby Area Committee for the council to approve later in the spring.

Schemes include improving signs and road markings between the Potsford Dam roundabout and the gyratory system, traffic calming measures on Newbold Road (from Avon Valley School), Campion Way and Leamington Road in Ryton, pedestrian crossings in Lawford Lane and Hillmorton Road (opposite former GEC and the Kingsley Avenue junction) and the introduction of a 50mph speed limit between Ryton and Princethorpe. £48,000 has also been allocated top improving worn out road surfaces in Thurlaston and Easenhall.

Since 2010, funding for road safety has been severely restricted. This has resulted in funding reductions being made to both the Capital Programme for Casualty Reduction Schemes and the Area Based Grant, used to fund Speed Aware and other road safety initiatives.

A statement from council officers said: “Warwickshire has a good record for reducing casualties year on year since the introduction of the national targets for road safety. With reduced funding it will become increasing difficult to continue to build on this reduction in casualties. It is clear there is a correlation between speed and collisions. Communities and councillors are expressing their concerns about speed of traffic through their areas to officers on a daily basis.”

A request has also been made for a feasibility study into a one-way system in Vicarage Lane, Dunchurch, and for improved signs around schools in the Eastlands and Hillmorton areas of Rugby.