Man denies raping three women in Rugby in late 1990s

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A man accused of raping three women, two allegedly after drugging them and one after kidnapping her, has told a jury that sex with each of them had been consensual.

Peter Jones (55) of Wheelwright Lane, Coventry, but previously from Rugby, has pleaded not guilty at Warwick Crown Court to raping the three women in the late 1990s.

He has also denied sexual assault, kidnapping, having an imitation firearm with intent to commit an offence, false imprisonment, administering drugs to have intercourse, causing or inciting prostitution, and assault.

With him in the dock is Raymond Dickens (53) of Langdale Close, Rugby, who denies two charges or rape, as well as further charges of indecent assaults on three young women, procuring a woman to become a prostitute and false imprisonment.

And Helen Thompson (43) of Morris Close, Rugby, has pleaded not guilty to taking part with Jones in the kidnapping of a teenager 20 years ago.

One woman said that when she was 17, because of family problems, she was living with friends and met Jones who introduced her to a prostitute he bragged that he ran, asking her if she wanted to do the same for him, which she refused.

Having been befriended by him, she said he invited her to his flat in St Andrews Court, Rugby, on the pretext of having a mobile phone for her.

It is alleged he gave her a drink of blackcurrant juice which he then said had been laced with ‘gamma,’ the date-rape drug GHB, and she recalled feeling drowsy and unable to move her limbs.

“He picked her up and took her to the bedroom and undressed her and raped her,” alleged prosecutor Michael Shaw.

Giving evidence, Jones said he had got to know her in 1998, before he was jailed later that year for another matter.

He said he was ‘aware she took designer drugs and the silly little things people take, Es, weed, amphetamine.’

Jones accepted having sex with her on the night of the alleged offence, but denied raping her.

“She came in the day and said she was going to stay with me all day and stay the night, but she then started wanting to wander out to see her friends. She kept wandering, coming in and going out.”

Asked by his barrister Antonie Muller whether he had sex with her, he replied: “Early on that day, but not that night.”

He said the girl did not spend the night at his flat, but with another man she was ‘running after.’

Asked whether he was happy about that, Jones said: “There wasn’t much I could do about it, I wasn’t exclusive to her. I wasn’t lock-down, and she wasn’t lock-down.”

The jury has heard it said that Jones’s attitude towards another teenager he had befriended changed after she told him that a video recorder he had left at a ‘safe house’ had been stolen – at which he told her she would have to ‘work the money off.’

“He put a gun to her head and bundled her into the back of a car driven by Thompson before, because she wouldn’t stop crying, putting her in the boot and taking her back to his flat where he raped her,” Mr Shaw has alleged.

Jones, who said he had had sex with that girl ‘a lot more times’ than the first complainant, was asked by Mr Muller: “Was any of the sexual contact with her non-consensual?”

And Jones insisted: “No, it was always consensual.”

Mr Muller outlined: “You are supposed to have had an imitation firearm, intending to kidnap her, to have kidnapped her, and to have raped her.”

Asked whether he had what was said to have been a black handgun, Jones responded: “No. There were cameras in the lifts, cameras on the landings, and cameras outside.

“No-one in their right mind is going to carry any gun in or around those flats. I had no gun. I was on parole, I wouldn’t have had a gun anywhere near me.”

He was asked whether he had ever frogmarched her to a car, said by the prosecution to have been a gold-coloured BMW driven by Thompson, or taken her anywhere against her will.

Jones replied ‘No’ to both questions, and denied ever owning or being driven around in a gold BMW, adding: “I have not kidnapped no girl and put her in the boot of no BMW.”

And when Mr Muller put to him that it was alleged he had had sex with her ‘without her consent,’ Jones answered: “No. I’ve had sex with her a few times, but never without her consent.”

He also denied raping another girl, a 17-year-old, at a time when he was living in Rounds Gardens, Rugby, after allegedly giving her a cup of tea laced with GHB. The trial continues.