Man jailed for racist slur

A RUGBY man has been jailed for a racially aggravated public order offence.

David Lister, 54, of Lytham Road, has been jailed for 30 weeks after being found guilty when he appeared before magistrates in Rugby on February 17.

The court heard that Lister had accosted a young Asian girl as she waited for a bus in Clifton Road, Rugby, on September 28.

He subjected her to a drunken, racist verbal assault before two police officers intervened.

Speaking about Lister’s arrest Inspector Paul Judson said: “Rugby CCTV operators were instrumental in alerting us to the incident occurring.

“The two officers responded to the incident very quickly. Lister is a physically large man but both officers tackled him and subdued him despite his physical resistance.

“I am certain that the hard work of these officers in securing all available evidence has been fundamental in ensuring his conviction for this disturbing crime. And will have gone some way to reassuring the young girl and her family that the police and the criminal justice system can protect them from harm.”

Anyone who is affected directly or who witnesses racial abuse or other crimes involving prejudice are encouraged to report it to the police. We also have a special reporting line 0845 129 2221 or people can seek help on-line from the True Vision website