Man’s appeal after huge spider found near Rugby park

The Chilean rose tarantula NNL-170825-093103001
The Chilean rose tarantula NNL-170825-093103001

A man is appealing for information to unite a lost tarantula with her owner after she was found on a wall near Caldecott Park in Rugby.

Karl Maule, an experienced tarantula keeper from New Bilton, agreed to look after the Chilean rose female after a woman found her perched on a brick wall near the park.

He said: “It was lucky she was found.

“Tarantulas can be very fragile, if she had fallen from the wall she would have been squashed.”

Mr Maule was tagged in a Facebook post after one of his friends saw the woman who found the tarantula asking for advice on a Rugby community page.

He collected the tarantula Tuesday evening after hearing the RSPCA was unable to do so.

The tarantula is now staying in a spare terrarium next to Mr Maule’s other tarantula while attempts to reunite her with her owner.

He said: “Somebody has lost their pride and joy and I’m really keen for her to be returned.

“The amount of people who rallied together to help find a place for her to be looked after touched my heart.

“She is a beautiful tarantula, she’s not very big, she has a lovely temperament, she’s very docile – there’s no way someone would have left her on purpose. I’m happy I was able to help.

“There were some negative comments but you have to remember this is someone’s pet – you wouldn’t say you’d kill someone’s cat, so why say you would squash someone’s tarantula?”

Anyone with information should contact Karl through