Man who’s heart stopped twice drumming up support for the Jingle Jog

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A RUGBY man whose heart had to be stopped and restarted twice is hoping people will sign up to a Jingle Jog in support of the services that have given him a new lease of life.

Tom Ryan, 69, was rushed to Rugby’s Hospital of St Cross earlier this year with abnormal heart rhythm which had caused his heart to suddenly and unexpectedly beat too quickly.

Doctors managed to return his heart rate to normal but when he was transferred to Coventry’s University Hospital he had another abnormal episode and doctor had to fit an ICD (Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator).

Tom said: “The ICD makes sure my heart rhythm is at a standard rate and if needed it can give my heart a small shock to get it back to normal.”

UHCW NHS Trust also supports patients who have undertaken heart surgery by offering a rehabilitation programme.

Tom added: “I know I am getting fitter as at first I could only take part for 15 minutes but I’m now able to join in for the full hour.”

The difference these sessions have on patients like Tom means that UHCW Charity actively supports the rehabilitation programme and have given grants for gym and audio visual equipment.

To continue this work UHCW Charity are recruiting 100 Santas to take part in the Jingle Jog, a 5km fun run at Ryton Pools Country Park on December 9.

Tom said: “While I’m not fit enough to take part in the Jingle Jog myself I hope that people who know someone affected by heart problems will do so.”

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