Marathon bid back on track for Hillmorton man

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A man whose mission to run 12 marathons in 12 months during 2013 is about to get back on the road after he was hampered by injury.

Andrew O’Brien, from Hillmorton, is raising money for The ISIS Foundation after visiting Kiwoko Hospital in rural Uganda, home to many of the projects that the charity supports. After months of relentless training he finally succumbed to a knee injury earlier this year so was unable to begin his once-in-a-lifetime challenge as planned. After being laid-low for weeks and having to re-train he is now set to run the Midnight Sun Marathon in the Arctic Circle on June 22 and continue with a further 11 marathons in the coming 11 months.

He said: “I was gutted when I has to cancel my first marathon in January. It happened during my last long training run before the Bermuda marathon.”

Andrew started physiotherapy and was able to begin running again in March after three tough months.

He said: “Initially it didn’t seem like the physio was working. Then in March I thought I’d have a little jog on a treadmill and miraculously everything seemed OK.”

And Andy’s recovery and training are now going well.

He said: “I’m in good shape – even better prepared than I was in December, in fact. As a fledging runner I knew this was going to be no mean feat but I’ve at last overcome my injuries. Setbacks like this are just part and parcel of what I’m trying to do and it won’t weaken my resolve. I’m as determined as ever to get this done and will forever be touched by the spirit of the people I met in Uganda.”

For more details of Andrew’s challenge and to show your support, visit 12in12for