Mark Pawsey MP speaks on behalf of the NO2AV campaign at Rugby church

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RUGBY’S MP spoke at debate to consider the referendum on the Alternative Vote (AV) due to take place tomorrow (Thursday).

Mark Pawsey attended the debate on Thursday at St Andrew’s Church in Rugby where he spoke on behalf of the NO2AV campaign, which he is fronting in the area and which opposes the move to the Alternative Vote system.

Richard Robinson spoke for the Yes campaign.

After brief introductory speeches outlining the key arguments for each side of the debate members of the public were able to quiz the representatives on the issues at hand.

Mr Pawsey said: “I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and I believe it was a very worthwhile event. It was well attended and I think that demonstrates a good level of public interest on the matter. I was pleased to be able to put the case for a no vote which includes the cost of the referendum and introducing the AV system of £250 million, which I believe at the current time is a complete waste of money.”

He added: “The AV system is only used in three countries in the world and my experience is the more people hear about it, the more they are against it. Furthermore, as a member of the public at the debate pointed out, the case for AV has not been made. I agree that the present system is not perfect but I do not believe that AV is the way to do it. The argument to move to an AV system is simply not convincing.

“My hope is that all the people who attended the debate left it with a greater understanding of the key issues.”

For more coverage on the AV debate see tomorrow’s paper.