Meerkat has fun with a camera at West Midlands Safari Park

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WHEN a camera was dropped into the meerkat exhibit at West Midland Safari Park, it wasn’t long before one rather inquisitive member of the gang came along to investigate.

Whilst the others remained at a distance, one young adult meerkat nicknamed Indie by the staff took the lead and cautiously approached the foreign object that was not at all familiar to any of them.

Meerkats are known for their skittish behaviour and although Indie appeared to be a little suspicious at first, he then delighted staff by peering into the camera lens. It soon became clear from his antics that he could see his own reflection. He tried everything to make contact with this newly found buddy, before finally accepting that the whole thing was a great mystery - even to a brave little meerkat like Indie.

So great has been the interest in the new meerkat exhibit at West Midland Safari Park, the park is launching an entirely new mini site today, purely for fans of these adventurous little animals. It is based upon the new Meerkat Mayhem exhibit which opened this year as part of a £1m investment in new attractions that has been launched during 2011.

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