Meet a penguin at park

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A MAJOR new exhibit has opened at West Midland Safari Park.

Costing £500,000, the Penguin Cove is the new, fully-themed home to a colony of Humboldt penguins (Spheniscus humboldti) that have been introduced to the Discovery Trail area of the park.

The cove provides the penguins with a similar habitat to that found in their native South America, where they nest on islands and rocky coasts.

The exhibit comes complete with nesting areas, a pool with semi-submerged beach, waterfall, sculptures, penguin house and public glass fronted viewing areas to watch the penguins as they swim under water.

A series of talks by staff and displays on digital information screens accompany the exhibit.

Feeding opportunities are planned for the future.

West Midland Safari Park and Discovery Trail is open weekends up to February 5.

The amusement area and African Village fully reopens on February 11.